A New Way to Help

Helping is something that I love to do, so how lucky am I that I’ve been able to turn that into a career? The answer is very lucky. I get to meet so many wonderful people through my work as a counsellor, often in the most difficult periods of their life. I am invited to see their tears, feel their pain, and celebrate their successes along with them. It’s a privilege and I know it.

I take that privilege seriously and I think that it’s my responsibility to stay up to date on the most current information in the field of counselling and mental health. So, fun fact – I’ve made it my goal to read at least 3 books each month. Some of the books are new releases, while others are older but well-known titles. I’ve found myself reading self-help books, psychology books, biographies, and science books. If I could, I would read all the books ever written on my field of work and become a wealth of useful (and potentially useless) information. That’s definitely not possible, but I plan on making a big dent in the vast amount of books out there.6777694048_bcb5fb4462

Ok, so why am I prattling on about books?? Well, my new way of helping is all about books. I’ve noticed that a lot of my clients have tried to help themselves by reading, often before they even try counselling. I’ve had clients talk to me about books that were really helpful and others that were practically useless. They’ve helped me to choose some books to read (and some to steer clear of!)…so now I plan to pay it forward.

So, welcome to my blog! I will be writing about the books that I read in my ongoing pursuit to better myself professionally. I’m thinking that each post will have a very brief summary of the book, my thoughts on it, and what I believe are the takeaway points from the book. I hope that people will find it useful in their quest to find the right information or inspiration. I also hope that other professionals will find it useful too, as I help you to weed through the abundance of information out there.

I welcome book suggestions, though please know – I’ve already got a stack of books suggested by my current clients!  I also welcome your thoughts about the books or my posts in the comments section. Every reader has different tastes, so I don’t expect my opinions to be universal! But first…I need suggestions for a really cool and creative blog name…care to help?

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