Wrapping Our Brains Around…The Brain

This Week’s Book = Your Brain: A User’s Guide (by National Geographic) Ok, I’m back to reading! I’ll confess that I always find it challenging to pick up work-related and/or psychology-focused books after the holiday season. For some reason my brain just wants to linger in its relaxed, think-about-nothing-serious kind of state and I tend

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Jumping on the Yearly Recap Bandwagon (Part 2)

Continuing on the yearly recap that I started last week, here are my top five most helpful books: #5: The Body Keeps Score (B. Van Der Kolk) Compared to the other horribly boring book that I read on trauma (I’m looking at you Trauma and Recovery), this book is fabulous. In a super easy to

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Making Sense of Our Internal Chatter

This Week’s Book = Talking to Yourself: Learning the Language of Self-Affirmation (by P. Butler) Spoiler alert: Everybody talks to themselves…and it can’t be crazy if everyone is doing it, right? We all have an internal dialogue going consistently and it can be lovely and pleasant or downright nasty. Negative self-talk can feel overwhelming, discouraging,

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Depression, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion

This Week’s Book = Uncovering Happiness: Overcoming Depression with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion (by Elisha Goldstein) Luckily, my unhappy dive into evolutionary psychology last time did not deter me from my goal to read some more informational books. I have been actively seeking a book on depression – I hadn’t read a new book about depression

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