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This Week’s Book: I Smile Back (A. Koppelman)

So, another week passed without a blog post from me.  I’ve got a really good reason this time though – I was on the tail end of a vacation last week!  Ok, it was more of a staycation, but I digress.  Considering the type of work that I do, I find that it’s really important to take a break from time to time and catch up on sleep/self-care/life in general.  So, here I am – refreshed and energetic once more…and with a book to tell you about.  It’s been a while since I wrote about a book…mostly because I had no time to read in the weeks prior to my staycation.  This one is a bit different than previous books that I’ve written about, as it’s actually a novel.  Nonetheless, it is a book that may get people thinking…

I Smile Back focuses on one woman’s struggle with her demons.  On the outside, Laney seems to have a perfect life – great house, wonderful husband, and well behaved children.  However, she is dealing with depression and leading a hidden life full of drugs, alcohol, and meaningless sex.  The novel gives an inside look at how Laney thinks about herself and the world around her.  It also approaches the topic of depression, hopelessness, and coping with blunt honesty.  Laney’s struggles illustrate the difficulties of wearing a mask day-to-day and what happens when the cracks start to show.

c/o chapters.ca
c/o chapters.ca

I’ll say it simply – I liked this book.  It was a quick read and very well written.  It actually sparked a level of empathy in me that I think I last felt when I read Prozac Nation…like I, as the reader, am walking into the darkness with the main character.  Don’t misinterpret that – I didn’t enter into a wave of depression simply by reading the book.  No…I felt like I could understand depression just that little bit better though after reading it.  I credit that to the way that the author writes – straightforward and intricate.  This is the type of book that will get you to think about moral issues and topics that often illicit very black and white opinions.  It will also leave you with a greater understanding of despair, hopelessness, and how easily our demons can take over.

Ok, I’ll admit it – as I reread my last sentence, I can see that I’m not making this book sound super appealing.  But trust me, it is well worth reading…especially if you wish to gain an inside look at what depression means for some people…

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