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This Week’s Book = Kids Are Worth It! (by B. Coloroso)

Picture it (yup, I’m going all Sophia from the Golden Girls on you): Poofy, feathery 80’s hair and a flowing outfit with giant shoulder pads. This is how author Barbara Coloroso presents herself in the video version (called Winning at Parenting) of the book I’m going to review this week. I’m not going to lie – it’s a pretty awesome and funny video. Plus, I think it WAS filmed in the late 80’s/early 90’s…so, close enough with the fashion Barbara Coloroso. I’ve probably watched the video version of the book at least two dozen times, as I used to watch it with clients when I worked at Langley Community Services Society (@LangleyCSS). Even though I don’t seem to be working with too many parents at this point in time, I like to keep myself reminded of all the information and theories.

Kids are Worth It! is written by Barbara Coloroso, a well known speaker and author on the subject of parenting. In this book, Coloroso shares her unique theory on parenting. Her theory is attachment-based and aimed at building positive, healthy relationships between parents and children. She describes different styles of parenting and gives them cute, somewhat descriptive names: the Brick Wall, Jelly Fish and Backbone Parents. Coloroso also discusses specific challenges that parents tend to face with their children (i.e. chores, sibling rivalry, and teen rebellion) and how to handle them.

I found this book (and the video described above) to be insanely helpful when I was working with parents. Attachment is a concept that fits for me and makes sense when I consider parenting, families, and relationships. I actually really enjoy the video (hence why I was willing and able to watch it many, many times) – Coloroso is a very dynamic and humorous speaker…something that didn’t translate quite as well into the book. However, regardless of my personal preferences, I think that the information presented in the book is really helpful and would be beneficial for all parents to read. If reading isn’t your favourite, grab the DVD…if nothing else, I’m sure you’ll get a smile from the awesome 80’s-ness of it!

Interested in the book? Click here!

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